[PANN] 161214 I heard this is a psychological test that the boys did ㅠㅠㅠ

December 14, 2016

>> Jungkook
Sky: Rap Monster
Sand: J-Hope
Rain: V
Sea: Jimin
Moon: Suga
Snow: Jin

>> Rap Monster
Sky: Father
Sand: Jimin
Rain: Bi(rain) sunbae
Sea: Mother
Moon: Bang Sihyuk PD
Snow: ARMYs

>> Jimin
Sky: Parents
Sand: V
Rain: BTS
Sea: Rap Monster
Moon: Younger brother
Snow: Jin, J-Hope

>> J-Hope
Sky: Parents
Sand: Suga
Rain: Noona (Older sister)
Sea: Bang Sihyuk PD
Moon: Jimin
Snow: Manager

>> V
Sky: Father
Sand: Younger sister
Rain: Jin
Sea: Mother
Moon: Jimin
Snow: Younger brother

>> Suga
Sky: Father
Rain: Supreme Boi
Sea: Mother
Moon: Manager
Snow: Bang Sihyuk PD

>> Jin
Sky: Father
Sand: Dance teacher
Rain: J-Hope
Sea: Jin
Moon: Female
Snow: Mother

Psychological test content
They replied with the person that came to mind for each (of these words) 'Sky', 'Sand', 'Rain', 'Sea', 'Moon, 'Snow'.
Sky - A person that you like
Sand - A person that likes me
Rain - A person that gives me advice
Sea - A person that has an influence on me
Moon - A person that will protect you forever
Snow - A person that you will follow around forever


[+ 40 - 0]


[+ 32 - 0] Jeon JungkookㅜㅜㅜAll (his answers) are the membersㅠㅜㅜㅠ it's somewhat sad and touching that it's like that

[+ 31 - 0] In that case, I'll have to follow Kim Namjoon forever~

[+ 27 - 0] Heol, Hobi's sand (answer) gave me goosebumps. The person that likes him is Min Yoongi, that's true thoughㅋㅋㅋㅋJJJJ-HOPE!!!!

[+ 11 - 0] Ah but the incredible thing is that usually when one mentions the sky, people would mostly think about their parents but Jungkookie thought of Namjoonie, isn't he as much as a reliable and trustworthy existence (to Jungkook as his parents are)... 

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