[INSTIZ] 161212 A Currently Sold-out Novel with a Main Character that's Similar to BTS' Suga

December 12, 2016

Author Kim Jiwoon's 'Me at Your Evening'


Synopsis (in photo above): 
Kim Jiwoon's romance novel [Me at Your Evening]. A child who is like a shiny, small pebble, my Seori. As I've watched over you becoming an adult bit by bit, I am proud of you but also uneasy. Because of you who keeps coming into my eyes (T/N: sight/vision), my head, my heart, I'm afraid that I might be unable to keep wishing your blinding smile remains bright. I'm afraid that my body and heart's warning will be unable to keep (me) in control and will collapse. I did my best to resist, and resist some more, (my) love, yearning touch, crazy desire. However...

As the main character's personality is similar to Suga's, (the novel) became a hot issue among fans, and is currently sold out. 

This is the author's reaction to this situation: 

<Me at Your Evening> Selling Out

<Me at Your Evening> has been sold out at all internet bookstores. 
It's been a year since it was published and I suppose if it sells out like this I feel sad.
The books that have been around for 3-4 years are still on sale...

Thank you to BTS Min Yoongi (Suga)'s fans who have contributed to (the book's) early selling out!
As (Suga's) personality is similar to Jiha's (T/N: The male main character of the novel.) I've gained sudden interest and started to like you (easier). >.<

The publisher (Shinyoung Media) has a small quantity in stock so please purchase it from this link.

#MeAtYourEvening #KimJiwoon #BTS #MinYoongi

There have been many questions about how Suga's personality is like, the epitome of (the similarity between the two personalities is) that they care on the inside while seeming not to care (on the outside).

+) The age difference between the female and male main characters is 13 years old, so it does ride on (personal) preferences. Anyone who reads it, please take note!! At the beginning (of the novel) the female main character is very young!


Our Yoongi's personality is really one that cannot be expressed with a (personality) test.. But since the male main character's personality is said to be similar to Yoongi's, I want to buy (the novel) and read it too.

Rather than Yoongi's actual way of speaking, it seems more similar to Yoongi in fanfics or role-playing-texts.

크 as expected of ARMYsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI wanted to buy it too..

(My copy of) Demian is still stuck in the corner.. would I have to get this book too... next year's book review will be this..! (T/N: A common school assignment is to read a book and write a book review/reflection afterwards.)

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