[ARTICLE] 161219 American FuseTV "BTS Suga 'Agust D', (Among one of the) Best Mixtapes of the Year"

December 18, 2016

American music media (company) FUSE TV has selected BTS Suga's first mixtape 'Agust D' for 'Best Mixtapes of 2016'.

FUSE TV recently published a column with the title 'THE 20 BEST MIXTAPES OF 2016' and, BTS Suga's 'Agust D' was presented.

FUSE TV said, "In their three years together, the members of BTS have broken away from the squeaky-safe K-pop world with mixtapes that allow them a totally free avenue to explore new topics and sounds."

Following that, they also spoke highly of him, "The band's aggressive rapper Suga did this by adopting an entirely new persona, Agust D, through a tape that featured topics like his struggles with fame and depression.”.

At the time BTS Suga's solo mixtape 'Agust D' was released in August, Billboard, FUSE TV, and other American major media (companies) and a major streaming site in America called 'TIDAL', he was introduced as a rookie worth paying attention to.

Not only that, 2 songs from the mixtape 'Agust D' and 'Give it to me' was in the Top 10 most watched K-POP music videos in America as well as the whole world for the month of August and garnered a lot of talk and attention.

On the other hand, not only the title song of BTS' 2nd full album 'WINGS' was featured in FUSE TV's 'THE 20 BEST ALBUMS OF 2016', the other songs in the album also received high praises.


 [ + 134 - 0 ] Agust D is Best!! Your efforts don't betray you

 [ + 102 - 0 ] Yoongi oppa ㅠㅠ (this) is daebakㅠㅠ

 [ + 100 - 0 ] Wherever you are, will welcome you.... so far away Min Yoongi♡Bangtan♡

(T/N: Lyrics from So Far Away)

[ + 97 - 0 ] Shine on the result of hardwork

 [ + 92 - 0 ] Congratulations. Results like that are results we'd expect. Suga who has the potential to develop even more. Fighting. 

 [ + 29 - 0 ] Agust D❤ From the title (song) to the other songs (in the mixtape), each and every single one of them are all masterpiecesㅠㅠ (The songs) are moving music that are filled with the traces left intact of the countless efforts and hardship throughout all this timeㅠㅠㅠPlease make sure you listen!!Yoongi ya, thank you so much for giving us music and really... in the future too, can you give us music forever..?! I'm an ARMY for life, reallyㅠ

 [ + 27 - 0 ] I'm so so grateful of Bangtan who we're proud of and Min Yoongi who we're proud of, they're awesome. 

 [ + 24 - 0 ] I really love Min Yoongi's rap. Because Bangtan's rap is the kind of rap I want to listen to that really hit your ears hard and that I want to try rapping along, next time an album of theirs come out, I think I'll have to buy it and listen to it. Fighting to all 7 of Bangtan!!!

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