[ARTICLE] 161221 ['Hwarang' PD Interview ②] "Hyungsik·Minho·Taehyung, Towards the 2nd half, they will probably get (much) applause"

December 24, 2016

[XportsNews Reporter Jeon Ahram] (Following Interview ①) "I hope (viewers can) throw away their pre-conceived notions of Acting-dols while watching (the show)"

(T/N: 'Acting-dol' refers to idol group members who act in formal productions like dramas and movies.)

PD Yoon Sungsik who is the director in charge of the KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama 'Hwarang' conveyed this strongly to the viewers who have that bias towards Acting-dols. 'Hwarang' is a youth sageuk (*period drama) that depicts the hot-blooded passion, love, and dazzling growth of the Hwarang, men (as beautiful) as flowers, who lived 1500 years ago in the capital of Silla, Seorabeol. Among the main cast are Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho, and Kim Taehyung (V), who drew concerned reactions since before the broadcast as they are current idol group members.

Related to this, on the 21st PD Yoon Sungsik told Xports News, "(Some viewers) seem to have pre-conceived notions about Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho and Kim Taehyung as 'Acting-dols', but when I was deciding (the casting), as the actors obviously had to be good-looking, and also had to have a certain level of popularity, that's why I considered them. Actually, both Minho and Hyungsik have done a lot of acting. They've shown relatively stable acting so far. Hyungsik, especially, had done well in 'High Society' that I wasn't worried about him. I feel like he's someone who is more established on the acting side rather than being an idol. I was confident that there wouldn't be a need for concern among the viewers (for him). There were positive comments for the first and second episode, and he showed a variety of charms; in the future there will be more of Hyungsik's charms that will be shown. There is the romance with Aro (Go Ara), and the confrontations with Seonwoo (Moomyung/Park Seojoon) depicted through a variety of action scenes filled with tension. In the scenes where he goes up against Kim Jisoo (T/N: She plays Queen Mother Jiso, the regent) he did well as his manly charisma was also shown."

Following this, he said, "Hyungsik has many scenes in the second half of the show where his emotions deepen, and he did well to the point that there were no regrets, giving a stable performance. Minho, too, having had quite some acting experience, I thought he did well enough. I feel that Minho might have given a performance (in this drama) that's a step further compared to the acting that he has shown so far. He appears a lot from the 3rd episode onwards, as (his character) joins the Hwarang, and Minho will have more screen-time and his role will become more important. I think if you believe in him and continue watching, he will show you a new side of himself."

He had nothing but praises for Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho, and Kim Taehyung, going on to say, "As for Taehyung, he did not have any acting experience at all. Other than music videos, he hasn't filmed anything else. As (Hansung) is the maknae of the Hwarang, the role was the last to be cast, and (I) wanted a cute and bright face for the part. I was looking for someone like this, and while I didn't know BTS very well, as my daughter likes them I got to know them too. (They) are really handsome. So I got in contact with them, and Taehyung said that he would like to consider acting, so (we) considered him positively. On the day of the meeting, the expressions he showed through his eyes were good, and he was basically someone with many talents, so even though his acting technique might have been lacking, his emotions (while acting) were good. He did a short script reading, and while it wasn't perfect, he demonstrated a good sensitivity towards the emotions (required for acting). He had good sense. While thinking that we would have to get him to undergo a lot of training, the filming schedule was pushed back. So we were able to give him sufficient time to prepare, and Seojoon also doted on Taehyung a lot. He gave Taehyung much guidance, and also practiced acting together with him. As Taehyung has gotten some coaching from Seojoon, he got considerably better. I think he managed to (portray) his character well. His character slowly becomes more important towards the 2nd half of the show, where there is a key event that happens. It would be great if (viewers) looked forward to Taehyung's acting then. He showed acting that I am able to proudly put forward (to the viewers). Around episode 17-18, I think Kim Taehyung will receive great applause. He really did well. He was lovely."

PD Yoon added, "I hope (viewers can) throw away their pre-conceived notions of Acting-dols while watching (the show). In the course of the show, they were able to express and show a variety of emotions and sides (as actors), and also demonstrated their own individual charms."

Lastly PD Yoon revealed the message that 'Hwarang' wishes to convey to the viewers. "Our drama is one that deals with the growth story of youths. While it is indeed a drama dealing with love and friendship with a bright and cheerful tone, as the theme carries some weight, it could be hard to watch (simply). However, the message we would like to convey is, to put it simply, 'Youths who dream are beautiful'. If you look at the characters in the drama, what we wanted to depict is (the story of) the affluent youths who lived without any direction or self-identity, gaining goals and an aim (in life) as well as becoming united as one. We wanted to express that when a person has a dream he seems youthful and becomes more beautiful. I think that is conveyed well, and when the drama ends (viewers) will be able to feel that the characters have changed and become deeper (in their thoughts). We want to convey the message, that (the period of) youth with dreams like that, is youth that is beautiful.

"The drama also contains hints of a political message, with Sammaekjong being a powerless king; he exists as a king who is weak, but I think he wants to (truly) be king. He doesn't want to simply sit on the throne, but actually dreams about what kind of king he will be. In the drama, there is a line that Sammaekjong says, 'A country where the people are enjoying themselves while the monarch is suffering. A country where the people do not worry about the nation while the monarch worries about the people. I want to live in a country like that.' The big dream that he holds, at this time being a weak and powerless youth living with a hidden identity; that dream's worth is what we wanted to talk about. We wanted to portray an enjoyable and wholesome story of affluent youths who once did not have goals in life, where as they started to have this dream, their hearts were filled with the heat of passion and love."

'Hwarang' is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm.



[ + 93 - 1 ] Hwarang is fun to watch! I'll continue to watch the live broadcast in the future too

[ + 79 - 1 ] I'm slowly looking forward to Hwarang more and more!!

[ + 76 - 1 ] Hwarang is super fun, and I'm also looking forward to the cast's actingㅠㅠ

[ + 68 - 2 ] I'm really looking forward to this! It would be great if we could see the other Hwarangs a lot really soon as well!!! Although they debuted as idols, I think they will act really well~ I'm also really looking forward to Taehyung's acting in the 2nd half of the show. I hope next week could come faster~ Hwarang fighting!!!!


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