[PANN] 161213 Talker's Choice: Wow Bangtan Suga

December 18, 2016

(This is a praise post, so people who don't want to see it please return to the main page)

As he's very thin, I thought he didn't have any muscles at all, but Suga is also a man after all..I was so shocked when I saw that gif.. I'm sick so I couldn't to school, I'm collecting photos of Suga. I even made a folder

I was surprised when I saw this photo too..my heart was fluttering so much. Can anyone who has more photos of Suga please give me more ㅠㅠㅠ??


Thank you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I got lots of gifs..! I was having a hard time because I caught a really bad flu, but after seeing Suga's photos it seems like I've regained my energy..Human Vitamin..! I think I'm going to become a huge fan ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ They said that if you fall into (liking) Min Yoongi then there's no solution for you..Also I'm not an ARMY..I think I'm going to become a fan now. (Someone) asked if everyone who posts a Bangtan praise post is definitely ARMY, why do you (ask this)..

[ + 710 - 67 ]


[ + 222 - 2 ] Isn't this a praise post for me?? Yayyayyayyayay

[ + 190 - 2 ] Min Yoongi's back...

[ + 177 - 2 ] If only you weren't around I'd be the vocal

↳ [ + 73 - 0  ]Reply: If only you weren't around I'd be the main rapper

[ + 108 - 2 ] OP, here's Min-If-You-Fall-For-Him-There's-No-Way(-Out)

[ + 65 - 2 ] A tear flowed down at Ippi's passion (T/N: Jimin's nickname in the 'House of ARMY' video from the 3rd Muster event.), who uploaded over 200 photos one by one 

[ + 60 - 1 ] Difference in size of their backs

[ + 54 - 1 ] Yoongi's shoulders are wide, and it's not obvious but he has a pretty wide frame too, but because he's skinny not many people seem to know this... The other members also have pretty wide shoulders, so comparatively his frame looks small, but I've seen him standing with someone that looked like a female staff? and the difference in the size of their body frames was obvious!

[ + 53 - 2 ] Seriously heart-fluttering

[ + 51 - 1 ] Euwahhhhh a praise post about me~~~~~~~~~

+ 45 - 1 ] Shooting guard (T/N: The word also shares the same first character as 'Su' in Suga) - he's crazy good at basketball

[ + 43 - 1 ] Yes yes

It's not widely known but his physical (strength) is killer

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